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Montana Duck Hunting & Goose Hunting

At Reverse K 6 Outfitting we offer World Class caliber Montana Duck Hunting and Montana Goose Hunting on several of the area’s rivers including the Bighorn, as well as in private agricultural fields along the rivers. Our expert duck hunting guides have been hunting these sections of the Bighorn River in Montana for many years and have patterned the birds year after year. We have also attained exclusive permission on many of the prime agricultural fields that have proven successful on the staging and wintering flocks of Giant Canada geese in the area. In addition to our fantastic waterfowl hunting, we also offer the opportunity at a Cast N Blast Package. This option offers our morning Montana duck hunters an afternoon of chasing the brown and rainbow trout that call the Bighorn River home year round. This has become one of our most popular packages. 

Montana Duck Hunting Guides

On a Typical Day of duck hunting in Montana with Reverse K 6 Outfitting, you can expect to start the day with a short boat ride from the launch in either our jet boat or drift boat (Captain Ryan Kitts is one of the few Captains on the Bighorn River). From there we will set up on a prime location that has been proven successful and has been pre-scouted by our seasoned waterfowl hunting guides. After a mid-morning “Hot Breakfast” on the boat, expect to finish up with a limit of ducks and if you are up for the challenge, we can provide an action packed afternoon of fly fishing for the river’s brown trout and rainbow trout. If fly fishing is not your style we can use spinning rods to catch your fish.

For those die hard Canada goose hunters, we have fields near the river. Most of the agriculture is Sugar Beets, Wheat, and Corn. Typically we use a tradition field set-up. Using layout blinds and large amounts of quality full body decoys. Ryan has been guiding goose hunters for over a decade and is a very accomplished caller. He loves calling them close for a great opportunity to make a clean kill.

Keep in mind many of our duck hunters are very successful in harvesting Canada geese in the morning on the river as well. Be rest assured we work hard to give you opportunity to harvest the species your after! We want to make sure you have an absolute blast and to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Montana Goose Hunting

Reverse K 6 Outfitting has hired several of the top Montana Duck Hunting Guides in the entire state. Any of which can and will provide a most memorable Montana Duck Hunting experience. All of our duck hunting guides come fully equipped with a well trained retriever to enhance the overall experience and to assure that no bird is left behind! Your well trained retriever is more than welcome to join us on the hunt! Our Montana duck hunting guides include: Matt Clawson, Adam Berg, Matt Ernst, Nick Chiasson, and of course outfitter Ryan Kitts.

 For more details on this incredible Montana Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting experience do not hesitate to call or email outfitter Ryan Kitts anytime! Our duck hunting season runs from early October to mid January each year.

During your duck hunt our limit is 6 ducks per day, 12 ducks in possession. Of those 5 ducks may be Mallards. We also offer a liberal limit of 5 Canada geese per day, 10 Canada geese in possession. On our Montana duck hunts, we average 85% of the bag limit as big drake Greenheads. In addition to that You may have an opportunity at harvesting the following species of ducks: Pintails, Gadwalls, Bluebills, Golden eyes and Widgeon.

Montana Duck Hunting

Thank you very much for your interest in our World Class caliber Montana Duck Hunting and Goose hunting at Reverse K 6 Outfitting! For questions or booking please call Ryan Kitts at 406-623-5205!!!

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